My monolgue for the Insolent Knights….

So here we are, all of us …. Talking about change, movement – or as some prefer it, trying to shake it.

Movement! When Tulin first told me the theme for insolent Knights was going to be Movement, I was like, What the hell is she talking about? Seriously, I don’t have the creative gene in me to come up with all this kind of thematic dramatic stuff and be totally magical in order to move you all. And then I thought, that’s it! MOVE YOU! This is all I had to do, Move you…. and all I could think of was, Faiz. Some how, Faiz. You see I think Faiz moved people….But he moved people because they were willing to be moved. Are you?

We’re a cynical bunch, you and I. We complain of so much, from loadshedding, to inflation to just corruption. If complaining and whining was a career, you and I would be heading this country. but then we are heading this country, aren’t we? We say our leaders are dishonest, mean, power hungry and greedy. … but then aren’t they a reflection of you and I, of how we don’t pay our taxes, we change lanes without using the indicators, we are mean to our servants, our servants are mean to us e.g. the story of my , we spend more on clothes than we do on charity ….. we’d sell our soul for a promotriend who has ion, or a job… we spend millions on weddings and less on marriages…. And then, … and then, we complain about our leaders.

We, the people who don’t like to pay taxes, who don’t trust government or politicians or the army or the people…. And only trust ourselves and the superficial lifestyle we are keen on maintaining…. We the people, complain.

We get what we deserve you and I. How many of you voted the last time? Or the time before that? How many of you thought of being the change rather than wanting it? How many of you …. Ha! I’m preaching again…. Its easy to preach… lets rephrase this… Did I vote last time? Have I changed my life to be less superficial, to be more giving? Do I not want to be on the next cover of GT or in the Sunday Times, hobnobbing with the rich and wealthy? If I can’t make it there to the magazine, I might as well criticize those who are.

You and I, we’re a funny bunch. Steadfast in our complaints… no! I can’t move you, I can’t even move myself. So I’m just going to dream and continue to whine and shirk from accepting responsibility.  Our lives won’t change, nor will our leaders, you see, they are one of us and we are not moved.