“Let Me In”.

I only went because Osman directed it and there were some nice friends/acquaintances in the play. I trust Osman completely as an artist and some of the cast members always leaves me mesmerized with the talent that they possess, so I thought, why not! You see, play watching is not easy for a mom, who has to look for baby sitters before she can go out. My husband agreed this time which meant I had to look for a friend. That taken care of, I was on my way.

The trailers were pretty spooky and Osman kept talking about Stephen King and what not, which was the only reason I had second thoughts!

Confession: I have never seen a horror movie. I am easily scared. My friends made me watch the Ring, but at the most important scenes I had my eyes covered so have no idea what actually happened.

Ok, you can not run out in a play but then maybe you wouldn’t have to. How much can some one really spook you in a hall full of teenagers, giggling as much as possible, a cast a decade younger to me, and with little funds to support the paraphernalia used by the more developed countries to scare the likes of us?

Apparently, a lot!

Well, the play started off well. The characters were nicely developed and very very real. You become engrossed in their humdrum life until the story takes a turn. I think my first scream was twenty minutes into the play. After that I had my mouth open, in shock… and as much as I wanted to run away, I was bloody curious as to what would happen next? I was literally at the edge of my seat. The sound and light effects were pretty damn good too and for once I liked the set.

Maybe I’m biased because I know some of them. The cast and the team behind the play are good people, but that’s just it. These are ordinary people like us, who take time out and become special. Acting isn’t easy. Trust me, I’ve tried it. I just can’t do it. I’m easily distracted, my timing is awful, forget my lines, overact a lot and sometimes just can not find the right expressions, then my voice is very low and to make a long story short, I know it’s not easy to be on a stage in front of 400 people, getting scared and scaring them too. But they did it and did it well! I do not know right now, whether to curse them for scaring me or to admire them.

The script was super cool as was the use of make up, prosthetics. There was one thing I disliked though:

The audience.

Why the audience must cheer whenever a certain friend comes on stage? Shouting Ozzy, Zainoo, ahmed etc does not help either the play or the characters. The audience also wanted their usual song and dance crap, so they were ready to laugh which ruined the ambiance. Of course, as mothers are trained to, I have learnt to block children mentally so I got back in the game, but I thought “Let Me In” is a brilliant title for a meaningful, unconventional play pleading to the Islamabad audience to be let in into their superficial theatrical experiences. What the young ones taught me yesterday is that it is time for us, the audience, to grow up.

P.S. Go watch the play but make sure you aren’t driving home alone.