I did not know Salman Taseer nor was I a fan. I did not know or understand his politics. I certainly did not like him for being friends with some of the most corrupt people. The media highlighted his western liberal lifestyle (which I thought was rather below the belt). I admired him for not being a hypocrite. While many politicians lead similar “immoral” lives in private but show a different face in public, he was true to what he was. I may not agree with the activities but I admired his integrity.

In a country full of verbose politicians, very few had the morality to stand up for the weak, the marginalized. Very few, if any, had the moral courage to speak out against an unjust law that is yet another way to oppress the already oppressed. He was unafraid and outspoken and had the spine to stand up in public for what he believed in.

It seems that speaking your mind gets you killed in this country. It seems standing up for what is right gets you killed. He may not have been “moral” as many think, based on his private affairs, I personally think he is more moral than all of those who look away, lead double lives and do not take responsibility or action. Standing up for right and against injustice is one of the strongest principles of our religion, and I do not know of anyone else who has done that.

I pray for his wife, who sat next to him in support of the scorned woman. I pray for his family who have been orphaned. I pray for this country which has lost a sense of right and wrong.

Whether you liked him or not, whatever your opinions of the law may be, you must admit than when random people think they have the right to take a life just because they disagree with you, then we are all doomed. I have for once, lost hope.