The worst feeling in the world, or what I think right now is the worst feeling in the world, is when friends call you and ask you to help
them find jobs. It’s the worst because it reminds you of how helpless you are, of how little you can do. I usually give my lecture on which websites to apply though, what kinds of jobs to apply for, how to strengthen your CV etc. But there really isn’t anything I can do. I have neither the power, nor the position to be of any value to any of my friends and in today’s times this is a terrible feeling.

I know so many educated people, looking for jobs, unable to make ends meet. I know even more people who are miserably unhappy in their
current job and have no hope. Blessed are those who do not have to worry about money, or having to work in a place that sucks the life out of you because you don’t have a choice. Blessed are those who are employed, however difficult or unbearable it may be.

Having seen unemployment up and close, I can say clearly that it humbles you. It reminds you of God, and of how thankless you have been
in the past, when really, you should have been grateful that you can put food on the table. I have seen unemployment make people old. I have seen spouses suffer, grow older and more tired. Sometimes I wonder if my husband’s unemployment affected me more than it affected him. Mostly because I did not give myself the option to be sad, that I tried to be strong for him. But it changes you both. It changes your life. And one year later, when we have managed to find satisfying work we look at people who are still looking, and are truly humbled at why Allah blessed us and not them. Funnily enough, we also live in constant fear of how this is all temporary and life can change in an instance.

So, when my friends and acquaintances call for jobs, or tips on interviews, it breaks my heart that I can’t help. It’s scary now that unemployment has become so common. On my mind always, are groups of people, based on experience, caliber and industry, .. And I keep an eye out for them. Hoping, praying that something comes up.

And then there is another category, People who call and say, they want you to GET them a job. That there is no such thing as merit and that
nepotism works more than anything else. It annoys me because it’s not true. There are still people in this world, who don’t use the dad, uncle and brother card to get somewhere in life. There are people who don’t HAVE such dads and uncles and whoever. That most of the people who are employed, deserved the jobs they have. That Allah is fair and rewards honesty. And yes, some person can get you an interview, but the rest is up to you. No industry is stupid enough to hire without the right qualifications, unless the job is really trivial and insignificant.

I have learnt the truth in the old wives tale of how “rozee Allah daita hai”. I believe in this. But until your chance comes, hang in there! It is hard, but one day, you will look back and thank God for this phase in your life. And for those of you, who have jobs or don’t need to work, may you always be blessed. Ameen.