You see, I don’t think Osama has just died. I think he died many years ago. Whether of natural causes (as expected due to renal failure issues) or murdered (as suggested by B. Bhutto), he died many, many years ago. I also think that this is the reason why Americans, who took such great pains and troubles to document Saddam’s humiliation, from counting his teeth for ascertaining his identity to his infamous hanging, did not take sadistic pleasure in degrading Osama or his body in front of the world, and show them cockily, (yes, I just made up a new word!) that they, the Americans emerge victorious.

I don’t believe that Osama could have hidden from anyone, military or even common folk, in the middle of a bustling, intelligent place like Abbottabad, and in a country as nosy as ours where we as part of our culture keep tabs on everyone around us. For me, this is all a spectacle with horrific consequences for Pakistan. With the ISI already declared a rogue agency (and Raymond Davis, a diplomat – America needs to get its dictionary right!), this is just one step away from attacks on Pakistan. Paranoia or otherwise, with business done in Iraq and Afghanistan, we all knew Pakistan was next. Many refuse to believe it, and I truly wish I was one of those, but pretty soon we will hear of accusations of Pakistan army harboring the fugitive for years and the Americans lack of trust in our military (which will be one of the many reasons why the military was not informed of the operation).

Whatever you may say, Americans are smart. Not super smart, for a lot of us see through their façade, and clearly the American public is as
naïve as we are, lapping up what the media is presenting to them rather than understanding the political points Obama’s failing government has scored through this tamasha, and their tax dollars that will be poured down the drain for further military offences in the name of this war
on terror. Having said that, they are smart. For they have gotten what they wanted, and we, as a nation are stupid and shameless.

What was our government doing in the midst of such chaos? Dividing the pie of course, and discussing power sharing, addition of new  ministers in the cabinet, creating a post of Deputy Prime Minister. Not one person, from either the military or the civilian government has gotten up and told us the truth or had the courage to stand up for themselves and state that it’s impossible for him to have been within the perimeters of strong military intelligentsia and yet, out of their reach. (P.S. Indeed if the Pak Army did not know about the operation, why the hell didn’t our Army shoot down the helicopters?) By the time, our leaders will speak, they will smell strongly of cooked, heavily paid-for masala.

I am worried for my country and I am ashamed. Ashamed of our leaders, who only reflect our own complacency.

And while Osama has died multiple deaths before, his final demise marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. And I am now
afraid for my children.