Pregnancy is like a multiple personality syndrome. Not only are you carrying a life inside you, but in my case (as I’m sure in most other cases), I am almost all of Snow White’s dwarves rolled into one: Let me tell you how.

Anyone who has been pregnant can tell you that the first trimester is soooo bad, you are almost always Grumpy… and by the third trimester, grumpiness has set in. You’re irritated and irritable, frustrated with the world and generally annoyed at the universe because every second of every minute seems a bit too long. So that’s me for the last few months, grumpy and Sleepy. I’ve been tired and weak and exhausted, with an endless list of chores to do, and not getting enough sleep. For who can sleep, when you have to be up half the night with aches and unable to sleep because you are still discovering your entire circumference and don’t know what to do with it or how to be comfortable; and have a toddler wake you up first thing in the morning.

So I’m Dwarf Grumpy and Sleepy. I’m Doc too, because I’m such a good patient with my pregnancy books and google by my side, that I have also become my self proclaimed doctor (which is why, 8 months on, I am without a doctor). Anyone at work will tell you I am not fully functional mentally. I forget more than I remember and even when I do remember, I just don’t care. I am simply put, Dopey. At the same time I am pretty Bashful about my pregnancy. “I’m pregnant, so I’m special”…. This is also my excuse for getting away with being both Grumpy and Dopey, and I will miss this when the pregnancy ends. My husband insists I should keep this attitude where I am for once trying to put myself first. So you never know, with him by my side, I might just stay this way.

Mercifully, I’m not Sneezy and gladly so, as every time I sneeze my abdominal muscles go into a terrible spasm and hurt like hell. Doctor says it’s because I’m super weak. I think it’s because I’m related to Snow White. Lastly, I’m Happy. Happy to have a life inside of me, happy to be looking
forward to a sibling for my daughter and very soon (but not soon enough) a baby in my arms. Happy because it’s not easy to get, and stay pregnant. Happy because this is what I wanted.

Only the Happy dwarf stays for about five seconds a day. Between the nausea, the heartburn, the aches and pains in places I never knew existed, the dizzy spells, the weakness, the lack of social life, the work routine…. Happy can’t stay for long. The rest, however, refuse to leave.