My mum is so fair

And she has wonderful hair.

She is so nice

And got us kittens to avoid mice.

My mum works for UNDP

And took us to Watamu to see the big sea.

My mum got me make-up

And taught me not to give up.

My mum is the best you will ever meet

And she likes to eat meat.

She smells like roses

And knows many funny poses.

Mum loves to wave her hair

And leads without despair.

Mum loves opera

And wants to be in the orchestra.

My mum and I are a great team.

Oh my mum! She is like a sun beam.

And I love her so much.

Every single touch.

My mum knows me very well.

Oh isn’t she swell!

I love her so much

And I don’t think she speaks dutch.