1. Girls are so easy.

Somewhere along the line, mothers of boys decided that girls are easy. It probably stemmed from a mother who was unable to manage her sons. She saw a perfectly behaved girl and decided that girls are ‘easy’. Well, here’s the thing, they are not.

When we have them inside our bodies, when we give birth to them, it is as difficult, it hurts as much. You have to feed them at night, you worry when they don’t eat and you stay up nights when they fall sick. You try to discipline them as much as you can and you fail miserably most times and sometimes you succeed. I’ve seen the ‘easiest’ most disciplined of young boys, and I’ve seen the rudest, most manipulative of young girls.

All kids are difficult and all kids are easy. They all have their quirks. Buttons that cannot and must not be pressed, changes that can and can ot be made, lessons that can or cannot be taught.

There is no medal for’ my kid is more difficult than yours’. There is no medal of bravery or of strength for raising boys. Some girls do appear ‘easy’. It is because, that person was made good by God and probably because the parents worked very hard. That is all.


2. Don’t you want to have a boy? … or, “oh good, you had a boy this time”.

The number of times I heard after my daughter was born, how much I needed a son. Once I had a boy (Alhamdolillah) I am told of how great it is that my family is complete. My family is indeed complete. But a family with two girls or two boys is as complete. I’m truly blessed to have a son, no doubt. But I’m blessed more because of God trusting me with another life. Never ever make a woman feel inadequate because she doesn’t have a son or enough children. She will tear your eyes out, because girls, somehow make you stronger, bolder and fiercer.

By the way, a happy couple without children is as complete a family as another. But that’s another conversation all together.


3.’Girls love their fathers more’.

First of all, I didn’t know there was a competition between me and my husband over who is loved more. Kids love their parents differently at different times of their lives. Also there are a multitude of factors affecting the relationships. But to say to a mother that the child she raises with all her body and soul will automatically respond to the father is belittling a relationship you do not understand. For all I care, my daughter may love my husband more. Or, she may not. First of all, it is none of anyone’s business. Secondly, so bloody what?


4. ‘Are you dreading her teenage years?’

No, I’m not. There! Why should I? She’s my child. She will probably be defiant, do stupid things, drive us insane … basically do what every child does. But no parent dreads their child’s life. They pray for their health and long life.


5. ‘Girls are so emotional’

Some are, yes! Some are not. You don’t judge them either way. You also do not generalize. I know some people who have very emotional sons. Each parent understands their kid better and will respond accordingly. We do not question how a parent handles their kids’ emotions. We do not have the right to generalize.

Basically, again, none of our business.